Jay Rosenzweig is the founding partner of Rosenzweig & Company, a global leader in organizational effectiveness, executive search, and leadership development. He consults to a wide range of public and private companies including large global corporations; small to medium-cap businesses; professional services firms; and private equity and venture capital firms in the development of world-class leadership teams and boards.

Prior to joining the search industry, Jay was in the field of law. Jay earned three degrees at McGill University: Philosophy (B.A.), Civil Law (B.C.L.), and Common Law (LL.B.). In addition, he completed Roger Fisher’s Negotiation Program at Harvard Law School.

Jay is on the Advisory Boards of New York based Turnstile Live, a single, unified technology platform for all live events; New York based Hooch, the first ever members-only cocktail app; and California based Rallysong, a place for artists and fans to rally for important causes. Jay is also a Limited Partner in Rothenberg Ventures, a leading Millennial venture firm based in San Francisco.