We are living in a new era…

At no other time in history has it been as favorable for independent artists and entertainment entrepreneurs to build and sustain successful businesses. Today’s low cost production tools, self-publishing and band-to-fan mobile communication technologies have created unprecedented opportunities for artists to interact and conduct commerce directly with fans from all over the world.

Content created on laptops in bedrooms are competing with productions made in major studios. YouTube stars and indie artists are making millions of dollars from their home disrupting the status quo and becoming worthy competitors to major entertainment corporations.

At last the tides have turned and the power to transform a creative passion into a successful business enterprise is no longer in the hand of the gate keepers but in the hands of the artist.

We believe every serious artist is a startup business and needs to apply the proven business best practices in order to succeed in today’s music landscape. The problem is most artist don’t have the business and marketing skill to take advantage of this sea change. Because of this opportunity, Ignited Network is proud to announce the Ignited Artist Accelerator program specifically designed to discover, fund and grow musician/artist owned media businesses. The Company provides funding, industry expert resources, training, marketing, digital business services and ongoing support to help you succeed.

The Company’s 100% artist-centric business model, systems, technology, business and marketing programs along with its “collaborative creative culture” is a perfect fit for those entrepreneur minded artist looking to take advantage today’s direct to consumer business opportunities. The Company has a simple mission to successfully grow thousands of independent artist-owned businesses without the assistance of major record labels.

What is Ignited Artist Accelerator?

Are you an artist that’s passionate and ready to build a successful career? If so, how do you plan on doing that? Will you try and get a record deal and sign with a label? Or will you build it in a garage and try and go it alone? Ignited Network has created a third option, the Ignited Artist Accelerator.

The Ignited Artist Accelerator is a new idea that blends best of both worlds, traditional and independent strategies. We provide the funding, industry contacts, digital distribution, and marketing services like a traditional label but add the artist development and artist business building infrastructure, education and branding to grow your own independent business. A business that allows the you to maintain control of your brand, your masters, your audience and equally important the lion share of the revenue.

We take a different approach to building and artist career that takes full advantage of our proprietary ability to scientifically target an audience, engage that audience and build a revenue generating direct-to-consumer business model.

Our plan focuses on getting you revenue generating and self sufficient ASAP in order to keep you focused and working on your career. The Ignited Artist Accelerator is a highly participatory program with hands on collaborative education guided by industry leading music mentors and guest speakers.

The Ignited Artist Approach

Having the right team is critical for any business. We work with you to make sure you build the right team for success. Together we break down your business using best practices from today’s Lean Startup business principles and apply these proven techniques to your unique talent making sure to create the right product fit for your target audience.

If you have a current team, we invite them to participate with you in the program. Our goal is to get to know your team and make sure they have all the skills needed to take your career to the next level. If you need skills sets not currently part of your existing team we help to identify those gaps and fill them through our vast network of industry experts.

Ignited Artist Accelerator’s inaugural program will be a Six Week Program with 1:1 training, coaching and business organization designed to create your optimal business model. Together we establish the proper business entity, identify optimal product offerings, develop revenue streams and establish the right brand experience specifically tuned for your targeted audience.

No longer do you need to just throw content out into the world and hope people will see it and buy from you. We now have access to the most important change in the music business — direct access to your customer and the data that surrounds your offering.

At the end of the Six Week Program, every artist will have a clear and actionable 18 month plan based on a clear brand message and strategy. You’ll know who your audience is, what makes you stand out and proven strategies to execute your business plan. Here are the objectives of the program:

  • To build a winning team around your talent and skills
  • Develop a world class brand
  • Provide the knowledge and process for an artist to make smarter business decisions
  • Fundraising strategies and access to investors
  • Actionable marketing strategies necessary to succeed in today’s market place.
  • Use proven Lean Startup principles, data analytics and growth hacking strategies

Those artist selected as a Ignited Network Partner will receive funding, business support and ongoing resources of the Ignited Network team and community of industry leading marketing and business leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work and what is the selection process?

The first thing is to request a submission form. Then our team reviews each submission and if it meets our criteria, your submission will get put in front of our industry leaders to see if you are a qualifying candidate.  If selected, you will be invited to our final selection event in Los Angeles and compete for one of this summer’s Six Week Program slots.

Once you are in the program, over six weeks we work with you to fully flush out a winning strategy and an actionable plan leading up to a final showcase. It will be a combination of performances, audience feedback, evaluation of progress made during the program and our assessment of your business merit that will determine if you are winning artist to be funded. As a funded artist you will join the Ignited Network partner program.

What do our artist startups get out of the program?
  • Community and contacts
  • Startup business structure
  • Funding
  • Proven business curriculum
  • Business and technology partnerships
  • Hands on support
  • Actionable business plan
  • Digital business services
Does it cost me anything?

We pay some expenses regarding studio time and a place to work but living expenses are the artist responsibility.

What do I have to do and what are my obligations?

This is an intensive program and we expect the artist to be present and focused for the duration of the program.

Do I have to be in LA?

Yes, because of our hands on approach it is required your team be present. For those unable to come to LA, we will be launching an online virtual accelerator program later in the year. Our online courses can be taken anywhere, anytime— instructor engagement through videos, interactive exercises, and discussion with fellow students, as well as online video conferencing sessions.

What’s the deal?

If your are selected, the program fees are deferred until you make it through and get funded. Ignited Network will receive a small equity percentage of your business and share in revenue on a sliding scale to make sure the artist maintains the lion share of the revenue as they grow their business. This is one of the most powerful advantages of the this program over a standard record deal.

What does it mean to be an Ignited Network Partner?

If you are selected after the Six Week Program and get funded you will have access to our world class team of industry leaders and we activate your digital business system and provide ongoing support and services.

What kind of artist are we looking for?

We are looking for entrepreneurial minded artist that are ready to engage their audience and see the business just as important as the art. If you are an artist that thinks big and wants to take control of your career then sign up for Ignited Artist Accelerator. We look forward to meeting you.

Am I the right fit?

What if I’m not selected after going through the Six Week Program?  The good news is the value of the program will provide you will key insights, contacts and knowledge on how to create and build a successful music business.

We will always follow our Ignited alumni and will be there to help, the door is always open. We love to see music entrepreneurs that stay the course and keep fighting to succeed. The goal of the program is to create a culture that supports the artist community in building a better world through collaboration.

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